Strata Management

Whether you are brand-new strata scheme, or you own a unit in an established strata managed building and like other strata owners you are confused and often think that

  1. Why I am paying such a high strata levy? and
  2. Where this money is being used?
  3. What is benefit I will get?
  4. What services I am buying for my unit with this money?
  5. Why my other family fiends living in Strata Buildings are paying less dues than me? and you have many other questions.

Iconic Property Care  an experienced Strata Management team is already available to answer your questions, and we work hard to reduce cost of you being a strata owners. We help our Strata Owners to navigate their management options with trust and confidence. Managing Strata Scheme is complex and complicated but we are very sure that we will make it as simple as A.B.C for you and other stake-holders.


Our engagement starts from invitation of Strata Proposal and ends at your satisfaction and peace of mind throughout our management period.


What we are responsible for:


A strata manager has responsibilities that include overseeing the finances, administration, maintenance and compliance requirements of a strata scheme.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance and Compliance
  • Insurance Renewals and Claims
  • Communication and mediation
  • Maintenance of Financial books and taxation of the strata plan
  • Levy Arrears and Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Budget Preparation
  • Meeting preparation and Chairmanship
  • Administration of the Plan
  • Arrangement of Meetings
  • Duty of care for safety and compliance
  • Property Maintenance
  • Debt recovery
  • By-Administration and Enforcement
  • Creation and Amendment of by-laws
  • Dealing with NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) if needed
  • Looking for the future

Home Renovation

Iconic Property Care has its team to do renovation jobs. We offer our expertise and dedication
towards renovation of properties of our clients. Our renovation team can do any type of renovation
jobs in New South wales.

Real-Estate Management (Sales)

Iconic Property Care is your personal Real-estate Agency. We come at work to serve your needs from appraisal, marketing and sale through to settlement. We will work for you and also guide you in each and every step of this cumbersome process.


Some of our important steps in real-estate sales are listed below:

  • Valuation and Property Appraisal – using our in-depth market knowledge, modern information gathering tools, information from local and comparable sales, we will provide you an estimate of target range which we will work with you to achieve.
  • Selling Options – we will explain you about at all possible selling options being practiced to achieve goals in your suburb. These options usually include auction, private sale, expressions of interest and off-market sales before recommending the most appropriate approach.
  • Preparing your home for sale – Iconic Property Care has staff and contractors to provide your care while preparation of your property to sell fast and in expected price. We also advise you about the necessary step to be taken before open-home and inspections.
  •  Marketing – We are experienced about various marketing methods to kick-start selling campaign for your property. We use all possible ways of marketing to approach maximum potential buyers.
  • Open Home/ Inspections– Team Iconic Property Care will discuss with the existing tenant (if any) will observe property’s readiness and many other factors to set date/time and schedules for open home and inspections on working days and on weekends. It is our KPI to satisfy you with quality of our services and get further sales leads from you and your referrals.
  •  The Big-day in your property sale – Based on the advice and decision of selection of selling method (auction, private sale, expressions of interest and off-market sales); we will work with you on all aspects of sales process till the final settlement.

Real-estate Management (Property Management)

Property Management is one of the main tasks a real-estate agent performs in their daily professional life. We facilitate you in all areas of property management starting from Marketing campaign, booking appointments, showing property , receiving applications, preparing rental agreement and collecting rental applications through to managing trust account ledger for all owners.